Charity of Choice: Alberta Guide Dogs

Posted on February 22, 2017 by admin in Calgary Woman's Show Blog

Every season, the team at the Calgary Woman’s Show selects one special organization to be the Charity of Choice. This season, we are so excited to have the Alberta Guide Dogs as the Calgary Woman’s Show Charity of Choice for the upcoming spring event!

“We love having the Alberta Guide Dogs at the show,” says Terra Connors, director of the Calgary Woman’s Show. “The dogs are truly amazing animals that play an integral role in improving the quality of life of its recipient, and we are honoured to support such a fantastic non-profit organization.”

Since 2002, Alberta Guide Dogs has been professionally training service dogs for the blind/visually-impaired as well as for children with autism. From basic obedience classes to learning social skills and specialized commands, guide dogs are trained from an early age – with the whole process costing roughly $35,000 per dog.

Trish Lund, development and communications manager at Alberta Guide Dogs, says guide dogs make a significant impact in the lives of their recipient. Serving as companions 24 hours a day, seven days a week for up to eight years, guide dogs enable their partner to live a safer and more independent life.

“Their job when they’re a guide dog is to keep the person they’re with safe,” Lund says. “When the pairing works and the dog is happy to be a working dog, it’s very humbling to see all the impact they have.”

Generally speaking, Lund says that when you spot a guide dog in public, the best thing to do is to ignore them in order to allow the dog to focus on its job.

At the Calgary Woman’s Show, however, attendees are welcome to approach and pet the dogs.

“We actually take dogs that are working on polite greetings or would benefit from having a longer exposure to people,” she says. “People are welcome to come up to our booth, say hi, get a kiss or two and pet them because that will be part of their training for the day.”

Hear that everybody?! Free puppy hugs and kisses at the Alberta Guide Dogs booth! Make sure to check them out at the Calgary Woman’s Show this April.

For more information on how to get involved with Alberta Guide Dogs, visit

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