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Traditions are one of the most beautiful parts of every holiday - whether you have a bonfire on Halloween or you kick off hiking season every Easter Monday, there is something warm, comforting and familiar about a great tradition that your entire family loves. But at the same time, they can get a little - tired (there, we said it!). Maybe you watch the same movie every Christmas eve. Maybe you sing the same carols Christmas morning. Maybe you make the same yams for Christmas dinner. If some of your traditions are feeling a little musty, here’s a quick list to breathe life into your Christmas spirit and bring the entire family together - and of course, this is just the start!

1. Spread Good YYC

If you haven't heard of Spread Good YYC, you're going to love it. A local initiative, this is 7 days of giving to strangers and loved ones alike. Every day, there is a simple task that Calgarians are challenged to complete, and the purpose is to spread joy across the city. Get the whole family on board, as teenagers will love Instagramming and Snapchatting their good deeds, and younger kids will love teaming up with their parents for memorable time spreading love. This all started in #yyc. But this is not just a YYC initiative. This is a goodness initiative. To spread more love, more kindness and encourage connection wherever you are. Each of us can do something. It goes like this: Pick a day, pick all the days. Spread some love in your city... Our city, your city, any city. #spreadgood Join the global movement over at @spread.good

2. Design Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This is way easier than it sounds!! Head to the mall to pick up some basic wardrobe staples - think light turtlenecks, waffle shirts, t-shirts, you’re looking for plain, inexpensive tops. Then head to the Dollar Store to pick out some crazy, hilarious, outside-the-box Christmas decorations that don't cost a fortune. Spread it all out on the kitchen table, grab your glue gun and see who can come up with the ugliest Christmas sweater design. The more ridiculous - the better! And of course, don’t forget to photos (like you could forget).


3. Homemade Holiday Movie

If your kids love to ham it up in front of the camera, why not help them write a movie they can act out and direct (with you manning the camera). Take a day to sit down and map out a plot - maybe Rudolph goes to Bermuda, maybe all the power station that turns on Christmas lights goes , or maybe there is a candy cane emergency - whatever storylines gets your kids excited, help them write a small script (we recommend 4 - 5 scenes max). Let them get creative with costumes, or invite friends over to play other roles. Help them film it and let them show you what kind of wizards they are with film editing. Then on Christmas Day, grab the caramel corn for a special screening of their brand new movie!

Here’s a list of the 5 best movie editing apps for kids:

4. Board Game Betting

A perfect way to pass the time between Christmas morning and Christmas dinner, board game betting makes those few hours a little more thrilling. Whether you’re betting a can of Coca-Cola with lunch, a day pass to Canada Olympic Park or who has the shovel the driveway the next snow fall, when you drive up the stakes, board games always become more interesting. For younger kids, pick a new classic game every year and for older kids, games like Risk can keep them engaged for at least a few hours. Make sure whatever you're betting is wholesome, worthwhile and they'll be thrilled when they beat you!

5. Breakfast For Dinner

Part of what people love about turkey dinner is the familiarity of it. But turkey dinners come at a hefty price - you have to spend all day cooking it and then half the night cleaning it up. If turkey dinner brings out your humbug, then maybe it's time to ditch it. Build a unique Breakfast for Dinner Christmas menu, with traditional breakfast sausages and Canadian bacon, eggnog French toast and gingerbread waffles (with fresh whipped cream and sprinkles for kids to decorate them), bread pudding, seasonal berries and Greek yogurt, freshly baked granola and whatever else your heart desires. You'll get the same feel good familiarity of Christmas dinner, the same made-with-love emotions that connect you to the food but without the same dishes!

What are your ideas for new Christmas traditions? Share your thoughts!

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