New Year's Resolutions: Beyond Fitness

Posted on January 18, 2017 by admin in Calgary Woman's Show Blog

We can’t believe it’s already halfway through January! How are your New Year’s resolutions going? While we should strive to be happier and healthier every year, there’s surely more than one way to achieve that other than fitness. Here are some alternative ideas for New Year’s resolutions that may improve your well-being without hitting the gym.

#1: Get organized.

Who needs to wait for spring cleaning? Start now by purging your home of unused and unwanted items. Try to complete one room before moving on to the next. Tip: Use clear boxes to organize so you can the items inside. Don’t think you can tackle the whole house on your own? You can enlist the help of Tidy Up to organize your home!

#2: Connect with your community.

Build some new relationships this year by making an effort to connect with those around you. You don’t have to look far either. Get to know your next door neighbour, or volunteer with charities that relate to your interests. Are you an animal lover? Try signing up for a few volunteer hours with AARCS or Alberta Guide Dogs. Are you more interested in specific causes? Maybe you would enjoy volunteering with the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter or One Walk to Conquer Cancer.

#3: Focus on creating a positive mind.

Oftentimes we focus on physical well-being but it’s important not to forget about your mental and spiritual health. If you’re curious about crystal healing and creating more positive energy in your life, start with Friends and Gems. If you want to work through issues related to anxiety, insomnia or smoking cessation, consider hypnosis with Chris Barry. Or maybe something as simple as meditation could do wonders for you!

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